Main menu models for Metro: Exodus

Our main menu required a lot of work from people from different teams.
I made all the models and textures except Anna.
Initial concept by Andrzej Dybowski
Including some changes from me, plus additional concepting by Ilya Tolmachev and Vlad Tkach
Background layouts and lighting variations by Andrii Krasavin
Anna model by Maryna Chemerys

Initial scene setup and magic refraction trick in tea glass by Oleksandr Pavlenko

Art direction by Sergei Karmalsky

Porcelain cup in Anna's hands by Dmitry Mishur

Andrew zelfit mykhailov spring 001 2
Andrii zelfit mykhailov untitled2

lowres gif within 10mb upload limit

Andrew zelfit mykhailov spring 002 2

Interface concept by Vlad Tkach