Fixing old Deadline versions to work with MtoA 1.0.1 and higher

If you still use old free Deadline 5.2 or didn’t update your 6.0 to the latest version you’ll get error with new Arnold. As I understand some changes to Render Settings was made and old Deadline Maya plugins for mayabatch and mayaCmd doesn’t work correctly anymore.

To fix the problem you have two ways:

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Using Physical Sun&Sky with IBL in Maya

In Convertiplane I wanted to make an aerial shot with bright sun and nice HDR reflections of clouds on my vehicle. So I needed to combine Physical Sun and Sky with IBL lighting
If you try to turn on both ‘Image based lighting’ and ‘Physical sun and sky’, you won’t get nice result, because IBL shape blocks Final Gather rays. We need to create shader that will be visible in reflections and allow Final Gather rays to pass through it.

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